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I started painting when I was 8 years old in oils.  My parents bought me a paint by number set and an artist was born!  Soon I was bursting at the seams and wanted to paint on my own and not by the constraints of the paint by number canvases.  At 9 I produced my first original oil painting which turned out to be a Monet style. I was hooked on art and all the pleasure it gave me. 

 After marriage my art took a back seat to my husband and raising my two little girls.  I did however awaken my love of art when my husband, who was in the Air Force, was deployed overseas to Thailand during the Vietnam War.  I took oil painting classes with Eleanor Thompson, a retired art professor from  Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every Monday myself and four other students painted in her basement for four hours and received indiviual attention.  She opened my eyes to my full potiential as an artist and I will be forever thankful to her and her teaching abilities. Time when on and the next twenty years was full of military moves, ups and downs of life and then during my 30's I went back to college.  I retrived my oil paints and started painting again; but, was then introduced to acrylic paints and my whole style of painting changed from realist to an impressionist.  This was a total accident.  Oils take a long time to dry and work is slower with them.  Acrylic dry fast; so, I had to paint faster and a new impressionistic style emerged. I began to paint like it did when I was 9 with unabanded creativity.  I enjoy painting and evolving through the years.  What's next...."Pastels"......I can't wait to discover myself again and again through art.  Please browse my galleries for a look at eclectic diverse art!

 Gail Meyer at the DAC Gallery
  Title of painting "City Walk"

Country Roads by Gail Meyer - Artist's Collection